Emergency Shelters/ Group Care


The goal of Compass Connections is to help each child find their true north. Our goal is to ensure each child’s safety and well-being are paramount, with a focus on permanency – ensuring all children are safely placed with their forever family.

What We Do

Compass Connections believes every child deserves to have a place where they feel safe and loved. Our organization offers emergency shelter and group home placement for children, while we work with our federal partners to expeditiously reunite them with family.

We know the sooner family reunification is accomplished, the sooner children can safely integrate into the community and thrive.

Story Background


Compass Connections recruits and hires personnel who are knowledgeable, experienced and equipped to support children and families of diverse cultures, races, ethnic backgrounds and religions in a manner that respects, recognizes, affirms and values the worth of the individuals we serve.


Case Management

Case Managers assist in identifying permanency options for safe and stable home environments. Our Case Managers bring the Compass Connections holistic approach to life while ensuring a safe, secure and expedited reunification of children with their families.


Medical Care

Each child in our care receives a full medical assessment and receives applicable immunizations and medical care. Children also receive regular medical and dental exams, and medication oversight, from licensed medical personnel.


Compass Connections provides residential services to children without regard to race, color, disability, age, gender, religious background, political belief or national origin. We ensure children have appropriate and sufficient clothing; eat nutritional, well-balanced meals; and live in a safe and welcoming environment while in our care.



Children in our care receive educational services in a structured classroom setting Monday through Friday. Instruction concentrates primarily on the development of basic academic competencies in the areas of math, reading, writing, science and social studies, physical education and English-language training, if needed. Children are also taught the importance of experiential life skills and participate in courses and activities related to preparation for adult living.

Clinical Services

Mental health plays a vital role in children’s physical and emotional wellbeing and development. At Compass Connections, we are dedicated to providing quality clinical services. Our clinical team is one that empowers children to thrive in the midst of adversity, believing that each child can grow through challenging times.



Birds fly, fish swim and children play. In addition to educational services, our children participate in recreational, leisure and religious activities to enhance their physical and emotional wellbeing.